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David George Banes

Banes Horey Berman & Miller, LLC
David graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Law in 1986. He then practiced on Wall Street in New York with the litigation department of a large law firm…

Joseph E. Horey

Banes Horey Berman & Miller, LLC
Joseph E. Horey is originally from Olean, New York. He lived in Japan from 1988 to 1991, and joined the Saipan office of Pacific Lawyers in 1995. Jed has been…

Richard Miller

Banes Horey Berman & Miller, LLC
Richard is an experienced trial lawyer who understands litigation from both sides of the bench. After five years representing criminal defendants as a public defender in Colorado and the CNMI,…

Cong (Denny) Nie

Banes Horey Berman & Miller, LLC
Denny is a native Chinese and graduated from the Vanderbilt University Law School with a J.D. degree in 2013. His practice areas include real estate transactions, incorporation and related matters,…
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