Media, Communications & Entertainment

Industry Overview

The Media, Communications and Entertainment industry (“MCE”) engages in, or finances, the development, distribution, publication and exchange of information worldwide. Various types of media include news (print and broadcast), entertainment, telecommunications, technology and other aspects of the media world. There are many aspects to MCE including transactions, finance and tax issues, as well as intellectual property matters. Increasingly, in an environment where technology is accelerating the disintermediation of traditional media, enabling new entrants to take market share, and requiring regulators to revisit or rewrite policy, great technological, regulatory and business model changes are occurring. The MCE industry represents the convergence of traditional and digital media, e-commerce and retail, including mobile marketing opportunities and advertising trends. The impact of the internet, mobile devices, technology and social media, with ubiquity of goods and services, democratization of price and pervasiveness of ratings and reviews, is transforming the distribution and retail landscape.

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