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Michael J. Berman

Berman Law Firm
I have been practicing law for over forty (40) consecutive years. I have practiced law in Hawaii, Micronesia and Florida and have extensive business contacts in Guam and Micronesia in…

Agerico T. Paras

Paras & Manlapaz Lawyers
He is involved in the full range of attorney's activities particularly in the fields of corporate, commercial and immigration law. He has advised and assisted numerous foreign and local clients…

Michael J. Sipos

Law Office of Michael J. Sipos
Mr. Sipos has been living in the Federated States of Micronesia practicing law and raising a family for the past 18 years. Michael started his career in 1990 as a…

Daniel J. Berman

Berman Law Firm
I have been practicing law for over thirty (30) consecutive years in Hawaii, Micronesia, Guam and Florida. My clients come from Guam, mainland USA and international locations for services in…

Richard W. Hamlin

Richard Hamlin provides focused international business and U.S. immigration law expertise to investment groups, policy makers and business leaders throughout the region. Since 2010, Mr. Hamlin's practice has extended beyond…

Steven T. Iwamura

Clay Chapman Iwamura Pulice & Nervell
Steven Iwamura has earned a national reputation for expertise in the foreclosure of residential mortgages in Hawaii, based on his 20+ years of practice in this area of law. Mr.…

Robert J. O’Connor

Robert O'Connor headed the Riverside and Ventura County District Attorney Consumer Fraud Divisions in California before coming to the Commonwealth in 1983 to help establish its new Attorney General's Office…

Anders G. O. Nervell

Clay Chapman Iwamura Pulice & Nervell
Anders G. O. Nervell practices in the areas of real estate development, transactions and financing, and commercial business transactions.
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